Monday, 11 September 2017

Adding Gold to Titanium Enhances Orthopedic Implants

A great achievement in the orthopedic world : 

From recent studies, it has been proved that an intermetallic compound of titanium and gold with a certain atomic structure imparts increased hardness to artificial joints.

the β-Ti3Au compound shows hardness values about four times higher than in pure Ti and most steel alloys, shows a reduced coefficient of friction and wear, and biocompatibility, which relates to the optimal attributes for orthopedic, dental and prosthetic applications of the joint. Further, it also has advantages of having the ability to adhere to ceramics, which can reduce both the weight and cost of medical components.

According to the researchers, a fourfold increase in the hardness of β-Ti3Au, in comparison with other Ti-Au alloys, can be associated with an increased density of valence electrons, a reduced bond length, and pseudogap formation. The specific mechanism that gives the ultra-hardness of the β-phase of the compound is due to relatively high temperatures, which gives an alloy with an almost pure crystalline form. At lower temperatures, the atoms are organized in another cubic structure - α-Ti3Au, which has the same hardness as ordinary titanium.

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